Center for Disaster Recovery is an education and training facility for the insurance restoration industry. We serve the contractor, broker and insurer market. We create profitable and productive employees and serve the industry with a no-holds-barred approach to claims management and handling.

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Featured class: ASD, Applied Structural Drying - THE ONLY ONE IN ONTARIO

This 3 day hands-on class was designed to prepare you for actual on site action with a real water claim in our flood house. The first of its kind in Canada, and with our Flood House outside, we are able to show the attendees real RESULTS!! Exposed to the elements, our 1024 square foot modular home is a fully functional, fully furnished environment with various types of carpet, hardwood and vinyl flooring, wall surfaces, paints, cabinets and substrates. Offering realistic conditions, the Center for Disaster Recovery prides itself in our training using the outlined standards and guidelines available today.

This course helps train the student to dry the entire structure from top to bottom using various pieces of the most advanced equipment and methods of drying. The student will perform the techniques required to guarantee the job is dry.

Why should people trust CDR? CDR cultivates and assists in creating profitable and productive employees.

CDR provides a no-nonsense approach. CDR tells all parties, exactly how it is, where the strengths are of each party (technician, project manager, insurance co, broker, adjuster, IA). CDR understands all sides, and their relationship to each other. CDR teaches to the importance of these relationships, how to improve them, and how to help each side. CDR teaches the importance of telling a story (with proper documentation, grammar & spelling), protecting oneself by following standards and guidelines.

CDR training is engaging and staff are trained better here.

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